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Senator Willey is here to help bring the United States of America back to its economic glory after the disaster that has been the Joe Biden Presidency. By getting back to a free market economy we can see overnight change, rather than having such a huge Government hand inside the pocket of successful American companies that provide the jobs in America that produce the tax dollar the Government fribilisy spends every second of the day. Make sure you know where to vote to help this country survive.

We need to get America back on track, and Senator Willey is the person who can make that happen. With his years of experience in both the private sector and as a United States Senator, he has the know-how to get us moving again. So let's all join together and support Senator Willey in her efforts to help America become great again!


This country doesn't need a minimum wage that just moves the poverty line but rather puts real dollars in the pockets of the people that need it. That can only be accomplished by providing the working public of America work and pay that is actually worth what they are producing, not just based on what the consumer will spend. Because in a world with more people but less options for places to buy goods, you end up with a couple companies that can control the pricing without the markets actual input. Support Corey Willey and his campaign for a truly better America.

Corey Willey is campaigning on a platform to eliminate federal minimum wage in America and allow companies to better set the hiring wages for their industry. It is the belief of the Corey Willey that companies know how to better set the wages for themselves than the government. If you are not making enough money, it is not the fault of the company you work for, it is because of the unnecessary raise in the minimum wage that is enforced across the United States of America and being forced on the rest of the world by elected officials. Individuals coming into this country and first time job seekers alike are being handed wages that people have worked their whole life to attain. How do you expect these people to be able to survive and/or retire in an environment that people who have worked 15-20-30 years to attain $15 USD an hour just to see 15 year old's be hired on the spot, microwaving burgers, with their whole life ahead of them making a wage that took half a lifetime. The answer is, they can't. They will become homeless, they will starve to death, and they will die.

The government needs to get out of the way and allow businesses to better set their own wages according to their industry. If we want to see a raise in the minimum wage, we need to see a raise in the working

He believes that by doing so, it will put more real dollars in the pockets of working Americans and help to reduce poverty. Willey's campaign has picked up support from some high-profile names.

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